Thursday, June 1, 2023

Ptown Haze and Long Point Light

 From last night and this morning:

PTown Haze

Watercolor 7" x 10"

Watercolor sketch of Provincetown, MA from across Cape Cod Bay, silhouetted against setting sun

In the evening the Provincetown skyline can become engulfed in mist against the scattered light from the setting sun. Although the inner details are completely obscured, the top edge is quite sharp, revealing tiny silhouettes of houses and trees against the sky. The bay takes on a bright metallic sheen, maddeningly difficult to pull off with watercolor.

Long Point Light

Watercolor 6" x 8"

Watercolor sketch of Long Point Lighthouse,  against morning sky with Cape Cod Bay in foreground

From where I stand in Truro, the Long Point Lighthouse is a minuscule white rectangle on the horizon, but very prominent against the dark water and the long flat spit of land it sits on. I did a watercolor previously that emphasized its tininess against the enormous sky; this one zooms in to give more equal treatment.

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