Monday, September 25, 2023

 "Farmall" won the 2nd place award for graphics in the 5th Annual Northeast Fine Arts Exhibition in Ware, MA. First photo shows the scratchboard in situ; beneath it is a classy metal plaque reading:

Northeast Fine Arts Exhibition


2nd Place Drawing/Graphics


Scratchboard drawing hanging on gallery wall. A middle-aged man looks back over his shoulder at a discarded tractor lurking in a patch of trees by a plowed field of stubble in late afternoon light.

Also on display is "Sunscreen," hung high on the wall, so I didn't get a good shot over people's heads. There was a great turnout at the opening and lots of good artwork. Stop by if you can.

Pastel painting hanging on gallery wall, depicting a mother applying sunscreen to little daughter's nose. Behind them, a very large wave is breaking

Show Dates and Times:

September 23rd to October 8th, 2023

Fridays | 4 to 7 pm

Saturdays & Sundays | 1 to 4 pm

Workshop 13

13 Church St

Ware, MA 01082