Saturday, January 1, 2022

Making some new Hor:Ratios

Five copies of "Hor:ratio fanned out on cutting mat. Hor:ratio is shown as a folded square with symbols for square roots of 2,  3, 4, and 5, as well the greek letter phi, denoting the "golden ratio," along with corresponding angled lines and subdivisions of the square. The text reads "Hor:Ratio Copyright © 2012 MatthewD. Mattingly

Five printouts of Hor:ratio

Close up of hand trimming Hor:ratio with mat knife and straightedge.

Trimmed version of Hor:ratio, unfolded, showing two sides, one based on root rectangles and other "non-commensurate" proportions, and one based on the "armature of the rectangle and devoted to "commensurate" proportions.

Close up of hand scoring hor:ratio with bone folder

Hor:ratio, folded lengthwise

Horatio, folded in thirds, front

Horatio, folded in thirds, back

 Hor:ratio is a device I came up with to work with rectangular aspect ratios and proportional subdivisions. It has become an indispensable part of my kit, useful for analyzing compositions, copying works of art, creating thumbnails, etc. When they get worn out I just print out a new batch, trim, score, and fold to make a handy pocket reference and proportional protractor.

If you are interested in the geometrical aspects of artistic composition or curious about the arcane world of root rectangles, diatessarons, and hemiolions, you can get your own Hor:ratio and instruction booklet right here at under the Hor:ratio tab. Free, no registration or personal information required. I would appreciate any feedback.