Tuesday, June 20, 2023

New Sketchbook

 Process pix from the making of a new Montanapolitancroptic sketchbook, along with a few faves from the old one.

Paper signatures, dental floss, bookbinding tools on cutting mat

Sketchbook pages and covers bound with coptic stitch

Sketchbook open, showing stitched in paper stub to which inner double spread page will be glued.

Complete sketchbook, front view

Completed sketchbook, back view
Pen and ink sketch of obelisks at UMass Sun Wheel

Pen and ink sketch of old house with mansard roof and spooky vibe

Watercolor sketch of abandoned gas station with flat red roof and highway guard rail in foreground.

Watercolor sketch of Connecticut River from North End Bridge in Springfield, MA. Railroad bridge and power plant visible in hazy distance.


Watercolor sketch of choppy waves under pearlescent sky with gray clouds.

Sunday, June 18, 2023

Portrait of my father

 I did this portrait of my father when I was in art school, circa 1976-77. The only way he would consent to sit was if he could continue to work at his desk. So it's a much more characteristic picture of him than if he'd been posing for a portrait. It hung over his mantlepiece for many years.

Oil painting of a man working at desk with book and many papers scattered in foreground. He wears a brown jacket, glasses, and is writing with a yellow pencil.