Saturday, June 11, 2022

 Pallets behind Atlantic Spice Co in Truro, MA.

I only had time to get a very rough outline drawn, and didn't take a photo, so most of this is from memory. I had done this same subject last year, so I had some previous knowledge to fall back on.

I liked the way the wall was stalwartly stemming the tide of foliage bursting over the top.


Ink sketch on toned paper of wooden pallets stacked on the ground in bright sunlight. Behind them is a wall supported by massive posts, holding back a mass of foliage. A ladder casts a shadow on the wall.


Pen and ink drawing in black, white, and gray, of wooden pallets lying and stacked next to a retaining wall and overhanging foliage in bright sunshine.

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Three studies of waves

First is from yesterday morning; the water was relatively calm and the sun was out. By yesterday evening, it had clouded over, the wind was up, and the water was choppier. This morning it was full on rain and fog, and the waves were much bigger and more organized into long breakers.

Ink wash and white ink on toned paper in sketchbook 4" x 6"

Ink sketch of breaking waves with white buoy in background

Ink sketch of breaking waves with choppy waves in background

Ink sketch of breaking waves with large waves fading into fog in background

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Oil sketch of breakwater

 I did this in two short sessions after researching the local tides charts so as to maximize time painting at low tide. At this point I have the main shapes blocked in and some indication of the lights and darks. We go home tomorrow, so any further progress will have to be from memory or photo ref.

Oil sketch of breakwater made of large rocks, seen against the light

Painting setup with homemade pochade box on tripod with umbrella attached. Breakwater and ocean in background..

Surf and spume

Watercolor study of surf and spume. The main factors here are the waves and ripples reflecting the sky from different angles, the sandy bottom refracted up through the water, and the foamy spume on the surface. It's easy to trance out gazing at the ever-changing patterns.

watercolor sketch of waves and ripples lapping the sand, with intricate patterns of reflections and foam on the surface.

Sunday, June 5, 2022

The other side of the breakwater

 A pen and ink sketch of the other side of the breakwater. Definitely some proportion errors going on. The tide was going out, IIRC, - either way, it has bedeviling effect on my judgment of shapes and relative sizes as the baseline keeps changing.

pen sketch of breakwater made of rocks extending from beach into water.