Sunday, March 27, 2022

Exploring the Z-axis!

I wanted to get a higher horizon on the view out back, so I constructed an extension to hold my pochade box at the top of a stepladder. Judy took a nice video (with Foo Fighters soundtrack) of me trying it out for the first time - it went pretty well, even on a brisk, windy day. The other pictures show the elevated workspace, and a side view of the extension showing the 1/4" 20 bolt that fits the tripod fitting on the box and the stabilizer bar at the far end. The near end has a hook that secures it to the top step. It's enough to support the weight of the box, but in practice I added a couple of clamps to relieve the strain.

Stepladder with pochade box mounted on extension to top step. A sketch in blue paint is in progress. An umbrella is attached to the side of the ladder

Closeup of pochade box working area, with palette, brushes, palette knives and paint tubes.

Closeup of extension made of plywood with bolt passing through and stabilizer piece mounted on the end

Closeup of wooden hook assembly holding extension to top of stepladder

Closeup of extension hooked to stepladder top and reinforced with clamps.