Thursday, February 1, 2024

Mother Comforted by Child

Another recent pencil drawing that might become an etching. I've been struck in the past by scenes of upset parents consoled by children (including me by mine) in various places, and done sketches. I was surprised as this one from imagination started to take shape with such a dark Kollwitzian vibe, but then the child seemed to be channeling a more cheerful Cassatt energy, so we have a yinyang dialectic thing going on. I don't know what the water signifies.

Pencil drawing of sad-looking mother, immersed in waist-high water, holding child as he reaches up to touch her face.

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

PCC Memories

 The latest version of the trolley picture, which I'm currently calling "PCC Memories," in honor of the old Boston streetcars. The most drastic change is the cropping of an inch on the left side, which I think is an improvement, but not one that I arrived at for artistic reasons. I have been considering this to be a design for an etching, and the earlier version was 11" x 7", which I had thought to be near the limit I could fit in my DIY vertical etching tank. Only after I had sized the plate using an experimental technique using my table saw to cut and bevel it on one pass, and followed with some filing and buffing, did I realize that my tank could actually only accommodate a 10" plate. After some consideration I ended up cutting both the drawing and the plate down to size, and I don't miss any of that stuff on left side at all. And the table saw technique worked well, making it a lot less onerous to have to redo the cut.

Pencil drawing of streetcar interior with pensive man in foreground, mother reading large book wile her daughter looks on, other passengers in background.

Pencil drawing of streetcar like the first image, but including section on left with vertical pole and other passengers.

DIY vertical etching tank made of plastic bucket enclosed in wooden frame.

Table saw set up to cut copper etching plate, with blade at 45 degree angle to bevel edge.

Close up of copper plate, showing beveled edge

Streetcar drawing taped to drafting table with same-sized copper plate below it.