Tuesday, April 9, 2024

PCC Memories etching

I think this is the final state for the plate. Not that it couldn't be improved, but there are flaws that have been baked in from its inception and that will likely get worse with each trip through the ferric chloride. I've also done a lot of scraping and burnishing and filled some unintentional pock marks with epoxy. Next step is to work on the printing part - using inking, wiping, and printing to get a consistent, predictable result so as to be able to print an edition. I've learned a lot from this first attempt at a larger scale, complex image which I'll apply to the next one.

Etching of streetcar interior with pensive man in foreground, mother reading large book wile her daughter looks on, other passengers in background.

Moon, mountains, humans

We went up north to see the eclipse! I got a decent-ish shot of the totality by holding a phone camera filter (which didn't work with my admittedly old phone) up in front of my real camera. While waiting, I did a watercolor sketch of the mountains and some vignettes of my fellow humans gathering for the event. 

total solar eclipse
watercolor panographic view of mountains with light snow on peaks and ski trails

left side of pano

right side of pano

page of pen and ink sketches of people holding large binoculars, setting up cameras, walking dog, mother helping daughter with coat, lounging chair group

pen and ink sketches of people - pregnant mother and young son sitting on wall, serious people with telescopes and tripods