Friday, June 9, 2023

Long Point Light revisited

 I reworked this sketch of Long Point Light after an artist friend exhorted me to give the water more of a sense of depth and distance.

alt="Watercolor sketch of Long Point Lighthouse, appearing as a tiny white rectangle on the horizon, dwarfed by the sky and water. The receding crests of the waves on Cape Cod Bay convey a sense of depth and distance."

Earlier version of Long Point Lighthouse sketch, with water rendered loosely and with less sense of depth.

Watercolor 4" x 6"

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Railroad Bridge and Power Plant from the North End Bridge with smokey haze.

I did this this morning, trying to get the effect of the wildfire smoke and haze. We didn't get anything like the photos of NYC, but the exaggerated atmospheric perspective was unmistakable. There was more of a orange cast to the light than comes out in the photo.

Watercolor sketch of river with railroad bridge and power plant in middle distance, with hazy atmosphere.

Watercolor, 4" x 6"