Thursday, November 23, 2023

Abandoned Getty station

 Today I am thankful that they didn't tear down this skeevy old abandoned Getty station before I had a chance to paint it again. I did a little watercolor sketch back in April and always wanted come back and do a larger oil painting. This what I was able to do in about two hours - the drawing and overall block in.

Bicycle with pochade box mounted instead of seat with umbrella attached to frame. Old gas station with red canopy in background and depicted on canvas panel in pochade box.

Oil painting of abandoned gas station with brown trees in background and asphalt road in foreground.

Monday, November 20, 2023

Happy birthday Benoit B Mandelbrot

 Today is the birthday of Benoit B Mandelbrot, the pioneering French mathematician who discovered fractals and changed forever the way we think about clouds, coastlines, and screen savers. This vision of self-similar cereal came to me in a dream, from which I awoke LMAO (my hypnopompic brain is easily amused).

Watercolor and ink drawing of a cereal box with a picture of an enlarged oat flake, with recursive self-similar flakelets emerging form its five sides. Large text across the top says "MandelbrOats." Smaller text across bottom says "The self-similar cereal."