I am an artist living and working in Western Massachusetts. I do works from imagination and life, including landscapes in oils and watercolor, candid cafe sketches in ink, and figure and portrait drawings.

I'll be using this site to post my own artwork, collect various pieces I've written on art-related topics, show off gadgets I've contrived to aid in the making of artwork, and provide a download for Hor:ratio, my pocket compositional tool and guide to proportional systems.

Much of what appears here was originally posted at The Sketching Forum, a wonderful community of sketchers started by Russ Stutler and moderated by me since 2018.

I attended the Worcester Art Museum School, the Boston Museum School, Mass Art Evening School, and studied drawing and painting extensively with Paul Rahilly.

Member, Academic Artists Association

Shows and awards

January 2016 Seventeenth Summer... Six Word Story, GurneyJourney, Winner
October 2016 Moving Day Amherst Historical Society, Amherst , MA First Prize
September 2017 Works from life and imagination Burnett Gallery Amherst, MA Solo show
March 2018 Fine Art Friends 14th Annual Art Exhibit Chicopee Public Library  Merit Award
April 2018 Monson Arts Council Spring Art Show  Monson Ma
April 2018 Building Bridges Showcase & Reception UMass Fine Art Center  Amherst, MA
June 2018 Annual Juried Show Gallery A3  Amherst, MA
September 2018 Piedmont Art Show Somers Cultural Commission  Somers, CT Honorable Mention
September 2018 Building Bridges Showcasing Worker Artists UMass Science Library
November 2018 10th Open Juried Art Show Agawam Public Library Agawam, MA   First prize, Oils
December 2018 8th Annual Small Works Show Hope & Feathers Amherst, MA
March 2019 Fine Art Friends 15th Annual Art Exhibit Chicopee, MA
April 2019 Monson Arts Council Spring Art Show 2019, Monson MA
April 2019 Artists Magazine Over 60 Competition  The Artists Magazine   One of ten Winners
June 2019 69th Annual National Exhibition of Traditional Realism Vernon, CT
September 2019 Piedmont Art Show Somers Cultural Commission  Somers, CT
September - October 2019 Northeast Fine Arts Exhibition, Ware, MA Honorable Mention
September - December 2019 Matthew Mattingly: Paintings and Paraphernalia UMass Science Library Amherst, MA          
April 2020 70th Annual National Exhibition of Traditional Realism Vernon, CT (Online only)
June - December 2020 Building Bridges Virtual Showcase Umass Amherst (Online only)
September 2020 Northeast Fine Arts Exhibition 2020 Ware, MA 
October 2020 Windows Into Art https://www.amherstartwalk.com/ Amherst, MA
October 2020 Monson Arts Council Online Art Show Monson, MA (Online only)
December 2020 Gateway City Arts 3rd Annual Small Works Virtual Exhibit (Online only) Chicopee, MA
August 2021 Piedmont Art Show Somers CT Cultural Commission Somers, CT
December 2021 - January 2022 Hope & Feathers 10th Annual Small Works Show Amherst, MA
December 2021 - January 2022 Gateway City Arts 4TH ANNUAL SMALL WORKS EXHIBIT Chicopee, MA
April 2022 UMass Building Bridges Showcase  Amherst, MA
August 2022 Black & White Ware, MA
September -October  2022 Piedmont Art Show Somers Cultural Commission  Somers, CT Merit Award
September - October 2022 Northeast Fine Arts Exhibition, Ware, MA Second Place, Oils
October 2022 The Thinning of the Veil Vernon, CT First Place
December 2022 - January 2023 Hope & Feathers 11th Annual Small Works Show
February 2023 RED ArtWorks Gallery, Ware, MA
April 2023 6th Annual Building Bridges Showcase Event UMass Amherst, MA
April 2023 2nd Annual Celebrating the Figure ArtWorks Gallery, Ware, MA
September - October 2023 30th Regional Piedmont Art Show Somers Cultural Commission  Somers, CT Merit Award
September - October 2023 5th Annual Northeast Fine Arts Exhibition Ware, MA Second Place, Graphics
April 2024  3rd Celebrating the Figure show  Artworks Gallery, Ware MA.
May 2024 MICAfest 2024 Art for Change: The M/others’ View Bombyx Center for Arts & Equity, Florence, MA
June - July 2014  74th Annual Exhibition of Traditional Realism, Arts Center East, Academic Artist Association Arts Center East, Vernon, CT

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