Thursday, February 24, 2022

French Easel Palette

 Many years ago I made a palette to go with my french easel (the one that came with it was hopeless) out of Masonite impregnated with stand oil. It was OK but I never really liked how it took the paint and in recent years I've come to prefer a glass or plexiglass surface with a neutral gray background to brown wood. So I made a sandwich with thin acrylic sheeting and gray paper on the original palette. It takes the paint and cleans up nicely; back in the box and ready for use.

Rectangular painter's palette made of brown hardboard

Transparent acrylic sheeting and gray paper cut to match palette

Closeup of palette surface with orange paint and brush taking a sample

Palette neatly stored in french easel box.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

The Van Horn Park peninsula

 The Van Horn Park peninsula seen from the far side of the pond. It was a gray day, but the colors still had a nice glow.

Watercolor in MontanaPolitanCroptic sketchbook, 4" x 6"

watercolor sketch of peninsula with yellowish grasses and cattails reflected in gray, semi-frozen pond.