Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Bike repair stand

 I've always wanted one of those bike repair stands like they have at the bike shop, but couldn't quite justify the investment. I realized that I did have a car bike rack that could be kludged onto a stepladder, and it actually worked pretty well to do my seasonal cleaning and tune up. Reminds me of a Duchampian Dalek.

Bicycle held aloft by a car bike rack attached to a stepladder.

Side view of stepladder with car bike rack attached with clamps.

Marcel Duchamp posed with cigar in front of his sculpture, "Roue de Bicyclette (Bicycle Wheel)," consisting of a wooden stool supporting a bicycle front fork and wheel.

A "Dalek" from the Doctor Who TV series. It is a menacing, robotic looking machine, shaped somewhat like a salt shaker, with knobs and various probes and sensors protruding from it.

Ego et Endo at Building Bridges Showcase

Ego et Endo  greeted visitors to the Building Bridges Showcase Event at UMass April 5, 2022

Oil painting of man with beard and glasses wearing tan raincoat and holding a paint brush and a wooden palette, hanging on a pegboard panel in gallery.

Show invitation poster reads: BUILDING BRIDGES Showcase Event April 5th, 12-7 UMass Worker Artists Our Immigrant Voices Panels Music & Performance + More Join us at the Ralph W. Bromery Center for the Arts Building Bridges draws on the power of solidarity and creative expression to bring people together and create a bridge across difference.  UMass Amherst  The Commonwealth Flagship Campus   (In circular sidebar)  Solidarity  Community  Kindness  Visibility Hope