Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Bike repair stand

 I've always wanted one of those bike repair stands like they have at the bike shop, but couldn't quite justify the investment. I realized that I did have a car bike rack that could be kludged onto a stepladder, and it actually worked pretty well to do my seasonal cleaning and tune up. Reminds me of a Duchampian Dalek.

Bicycle held aloft by a car bike rack attached to a stepladder.

Side view of stepladder with car bike rack attached with clamps.

Marcel Duchamp posed with cigar in front of his sculpture, "Roue de Bicyclette (Bicycle Wheel)," consisting of a wooden stool supporting a bicycle front fork and wheel.

A "Dalek" from the Doctor Who TV series. It is a menacing, robotic looking machine, shaped somewhat like a salt shaker, with knobs and various probes and sensors protruding from it.

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