Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sketchbook pages 1/16

Lone Wolf People.

I was driving east on Bay Road around half past four and was struck by the sight of a yellow house brilliantly lit up by the late afternoon sun. I couldn't pull the car over right there, so the next day I returned on my bike. However, the day was overcast and it wasn't clear if the sun would come out at all. I decided to take a chance, and set up by the road and started blocking in the drawing. Sure enough, around 4:20, the sun emerged below the clouds and blasted the house with its billions of peripatetic photons. I did a little victory jig and started this watercolor.

This guy was reading and making a notes with a pencil while eating breakfast. I liked his white beard and black sweater emerging from the light and shadow of the window corner.

Farm buildings on Moody Bridge Road.