Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Railroad crossing and Mansard roof house

 Two sketches from today. The railroad crossing is the same place I did back in February but from the opposite side and now it's spring. I'm concerned about the porch roof on the Mansard house, although it does contribute to its charming/creepy personality.

altInk on toned paper sketch of railroad crossing with signals, looking downhill at at church steeple, trees, and utility poles.

Ink on toned paper sketch of old house with mansard roof and somewhat dilapidated wraparound porch.

Monday, April 11, 2022

Funky little house

 Waiting for an oil change at Auto Express, I sketched this funky little house across the street. Lots of lovely details, including pallets in the yard and traffic cones on the steps. Pen, ink wash on paper.

Pen and ink drawing of small house with front porch, assorted detritus including pallets and traffic cones

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Quick Release Caddy

 I use my tripod with several different pochade outfits, equipped with their own quick release plates, as well as my camera, which isn't; so I need to have a separate plate on hand, but not taking up the space on the tripod head. Using a hose clamp and a 1/4" 20 nut, I fashioned a quick release caddy. After hacking out an opening in the hose clamp strap and supergluing the nut to the underside, I attached the hose clamp to the tripod leg and can now tote the quick release plate by screwing it into the nut.

Hose clamp, quarter inch twenty nut, and quick release plate

Closeup of hose clamp strap with hole cut in the middle

Close up of hose clamp strap with nut glued to underside of hole

Closeup of hose clamp and nut attached to tripod leg

Closeup of quick release plate attached to hose clamp assembly