Friday, November 17, 2023


Three small plates, of which the bottom two were originally one till I cut it in half, printed together on the new etching press.

They make an enigmatic statement , no?

Etching of three plates printed together. The top plate depicts a mother applying sunscreen to her daughter's nose with with a huge wave breaking in the background. The two bottom plates show a woman and a man, each looking at a window or opening that extends across the two plates.

Etching press with three plates arranged on the bed.

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

New etching press, first print!

Just got my new etching press, and pulled a test print using a plate I had started at a workshop last spring. The drawing itself is no great shakes, but the print quality far exceeded my expectations given the number of variables (pressure, paper wetness, ink consistency, etc) any one of which can scuttle the whole operation.

The press is an RLV A3 size (12" x 17") bed, from South Africa. I've been gradually working up to this investment for some time, starting with drypoints on plexiglass printed by rubbing with a spoon or baren and then tiny etchings printed with an Open Press Project press. I need to get or make a few more things to actually etch larger pieces but then I should be turning out prints up to 8" or 9" wide.

Etching press on desk with plate and print on bed

Etching of loosely drawn figure in three quarter back view, looking out over river valley with bridge and mountains in background