Thursday, June 16, 2022


I posted the initial block-in of this earlier; I'm calling this the finished version. It's really an amalgam of many views, sketches and photos of this subject during a short stay on Cape Cod. The rocks are covered in seaweed, and change color and catch the light in constantly changing combinations depending on time of day and tides. This view is contre jour with the morning sun approaching the zenith (check out the light on the buoy), so there are dark shadows and a bit of glare on the wet rocks.

Oil on linen panel 6" x 8"

Oil painting of breakwater extending from beach into water. Rocks are brown with green seaweed against a background of calm bay with white buoy.

Wednesday, June 15, 2022


I was struck by the contrast of the sunlit foliage and the dark shadows, especially that stygian grotto on the left. The water was specked with some orangey brown stuff (pollen?) that was set off by the dark reflections.

Watercolor 4” x 6” 

Watercolor sketch of sunlit foliage overhanging still water. On the left is a dark recessed area contrasting with sharply defined green leaves and branches. In the foreground, orange deposits on the water's surface form intricate shapes.