Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Backstop at Van Horn Park, Spring 2022

Revisited that backstop at Van Horn Park, now with green grass and clover replacing the snow of my last sketch.
Ink sketch of athletic backstop in bright sunlight with dark foliage in background

Thursday, May 12, 2022

 My town recently acquired a disused golf course and has been letting it return to a quasi-natural state for recreational uses by the public. It's very beautiful and bucolic, but has an undertone of eldritch, a hint of JG Ballard, especially the overgrown sand traps.

Sketch in black, white and gray ink on toned paper of sand trap, partially overgrown with weeds and generally unkept looking.

Ink and white gouache on toned paper.

Friday, May 6, 2022

Wet panel carrier

 I made a serviceable little wet panel carrier for the 6" x 8"s that I use with the small cigar box pochade out of scraps of birch plywood. It holds up to 8 panels back to back in four slots, which I hogged out with the table saw and cleaned up with the Dremel tool. The top is held on with Velcro.

Homemade wet panel carrier with cigar box pochade box

Closeup of wet panel carrier showing slots to hold panels

Closeup of wet panel carrier with top on

Dump Wagon

I didn't know what this thing was, just that it took the late afternoon light nicely standing by the side of the road. After some Google sleuthing, I think I can identify it as a side dumping silage wagon, or dump wagon. The diagonal tube across the front is a hydraulic piston that lifts the hopper up and pivots it over the top of the horizontal frame to dump the contents.

Watercolor sketch of an orange metal wagon in warm sunlight. The wagon consists of a chassis with four rubber-tired wheels, a frame, and a wedge-shaped hopper. Green fields and trees in background.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Me and my little guys

 Me and my little guys at the Monson Arts Council 28th Annual Juried Spring Art Exhibition & Sale.

Artist posing with painting of landfill, bushes and clouds.

Landfill Near Hadley Dike

Artist posing with painting of snow blowing off roof

Shed Roof

Photos by Michael W. Gilbert

Weekends April 23rd - May 8th, 2022 - noon to 5pm
House of Art,
200 Main Street, Monson, MA

Friday, April 22, 2022

Monson Arts Council 28th Annual Juried Spring Art Exhibition & Sale

 The Monson Arts Council 28th Annual Juried Spring Art Exhibition & Sale opens this weekend.

Weekends April 23rd - May 8th, 2022 - noon to 5pm
House of Art,
200 Main Street, Monson, MA

Background image: painting of boat carrying various bizarre characters Text: Shapes! ...&Colors Monson Arts Council Presents Our 28ty Annual Spring Art Exhibition & Sale Weekends Noon-5:00 PM April 23 -May 8, 2022 Coming Soon to the House of Art  Image credit Copyright Ship of Fools Richard Swiatlowski  Supported by these area businesses Monson Savings Turley Publications Lind Lastoff Leo S. Walsh Foundation Moulton Insurance Agency Inc. J. Stolar Insurance Agency Inc Roberts & Ludlow Printing Karen King Remax Valley Advocate Hearing Life Giclee of New England, Inc

Landfill Near Hadley Dike and Shed Roof  will be on display.

Oil painting of landfill forming a smooth, rounded hill with grass and bushes growing on it, beneath blue sky with fluffy clouds. Chain link fence in foreground.

Oil painting of snow being blown off of roof, revealing vortices and eddies in air currents. Blue gray house with red porch in background.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Railroad crossing and Mansard roof house

 Two sketches from today. The railroad crossing is the same place I did back in February but from the opposite side and now it's spring. I'm concerned about the porch roof on the Mansard house, although it does contribute to its charming/creepy personality.

altInk on toned paper sketch of railroad crossing with signals, looking downhill at at church steeple, trees, and utility poles.

Ink on toned paper sketch of old house with mansard roof and somewhat dilapidated wraparound porch.