Wednesday, May 31, 2023

WIP oil panels from the Cape.

Neighbor's Fence, Late Afternoon

Oil sketch of houses and stockade fence in warm late afternoon light

Both of these will receive more attention when I get home. They each represent several possible treatments and I'll have to find a way to resolve them. My main interest in the neighbors fence was the geometry and the very orange late afternoon light. The thing is, it's difficult to paint the effect of intensely colored light when the canvas is being illuminated by the same light - it has to convey the impression of the colored light when it's seen under a neutral light.

Breakwater Waves

Oil sketch of rock jetty with waves and ripples created by the jetty interfering with the incoming waves

Oil on linen panel

6” x 8”

I've done the rock jetty a few times before; this time my focus was more on the waves and ripples generated by the interference of the jetty in the surrounding water. I worked on it over two days, one of which was much windier than the other. Besides the wind, I had to account for the tides and the changing light. I attempted to catch the tide at its lowest point, with the sun full on the upper facing rock surfaces, creating dark caves underneath.

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