Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Lake Warner Shadow

I was struck by the bright light on the yellow tree and the cast shadow with hot colors glowing out of it.

I worked on it over two visits to the site in my kayak, Sketchpad*L, with additional touching up at home. I'm calling it done for now - it's at that dangerous stage where I'm tempted to do little tweaks and details that could lead to killing the original feeling. I'll let it marinate for a while and see if there is really anything that needs to be added or subtracted.

Oil on linen panel

6" x 8"

Oil painting of trees in fall colors reflected in calm lake water under an overcast sky. A bright yellow tree on the left catches the sunlight and casts a dark shadow to the right.

Pochade box mounted on kayak with brushes, knives, palette etc and early stage of painting of trees and water.

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