Monday, April 24, 2023

Abandoned sand trap

 For the last year or so I've been enjoying a local golf course, abandoned and acquired by the town. The carefully designed and manicured landscape has been gradually reclaimed by weeds and critters, creating a lovely Ozymandian melancholy, with eldritch undertones and sublime loneliness. However, on my most recent visit, the place was cordoned off with fences and berms, with heavy construction equipment busily uprooting trees to make way for wide promenades. It is in a good cause - a beautiful place will be more accessible, and part of it will be given over to solar panels - but I wonder, will the poetic spirit remain? Anyway, I was able to find a secluded area and try to capture the long afternoon light on this overgrown sand trap.

oil sketch of sandtrap, overgrown with weeds and grass. The late afternoon light illuminated the yellow-orange stalks against background of dark trees. In the foreground, the complicated patterns of grass, weeds, and dirt create an abstract composition.

Oil on linen panel

6" x 8"

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