Friday, September 2, 2022

29th Annual Piedmont Art Show

 These four pieces have been accepted for the 29th Annual Piedmont Art Show in Somers, CT. Rebecca Profile received a Merit Award.

Oil painting of small hill under gray sky with bright sunlight illuminating orange and green foliage. Trees and farm houses in foreground.

Little Tinker Hill, Autumn

Oil 14.5" X 21.5"

Oil painting of bare apple trees on hillside with misty woods and silhouetted mountain in background.

Apple Trees on Mount Pollux

Oil 10" x 12"

Oil painting of small rock breakwater extending from beach into calm water.

Truro Breakwater

Oil 6" x 8"

Pencil and gouache drawing of woman in profile wearing knit cap.

Rebecca Profile

Ink and white gouache on toned paper

9" x 9"

29th Annual Piedmont Art Show

600 Main St Somers, CT

Reception: Sept 18 1-3


Sept 22-23 12-4

Sept 24-25 10 -2

Sept 29-30 12-4

Oct 1-2 10-2

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