Friday, August 5, 2022

New Sketchbook

 Made a new Montanapolitan Croptic sketchbook. 

New homemade sketchbook with pages fanned out, next to old sketchbook open to watercolor of trees and icy pond.

Here are some of my faves from the old one, done January - July 2022.

Ink sketch of bulldozer in snow with dark trees in backgound.

Ink and white gouache sketch on toned paper of athletic backstop in snow against dark trees.

Ink on toned paper sketch of railroad crossing with signals, looking downhill at at church steeple, trees, and utility poles.

watercolor sketch of peninsula with yellowish grasses and cattails reflected in gray, semi-frozen pond.

Watercolor sketch of an orange metal wagon in warm sunlight. The wagon consists of a chassis with four rubber-tired wheels, a frame, and a wedge-shaped hopper. Green fields and trees in background.

watercolor sketch of waves and ripples lapping the sand, with intricate patterns of reflections and foam on the surface.

Ink sketch of breaking waves with choppy waves in background

Watercolor sketch of sunlit foliage overhanging still water. On the left is a dark recessed area contrasting with sharply defined green leaves and branches. In the foreground, orange deposits on the water's surface form intricate shapes.

Watercolor sketch of back porch with dark red trim, white and yellow furniture, and green foliage with raindrops outside.

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