Saturday, February 12, 2022

Backstop in Snow

 Oil Sketch of backstop in snow, first time out after fitting my small cigar box pochade with a handle so I could hold it aloft like a plasterer's hawk. The handle came with a #bestbrella but I never had occasion to use it so I ripped out its brella screw and replaced with a 1/4" 20 to fit the t-nut already in place for tripod mounting. @judyendless got a nice shot of me using it. I also made a mini version of a #PaletteGarage from a Rotring pen box (#PaletteCigarage). It all worked well, except that I belatedly realized that my custom of cleaning one palette knife with another palette knife was impossible now that I had to do everything with one hand. So I found a piece of extruded metal with nice flanges and made a one handed palette knife scraper. As is so often the case with accommodations, it turned to also be incredibly convenient even if you have two hands, so I installed them on my other pochade box, french easel, and palette table.

Oil painting of athletic backstop seen from behind, with snow on ground and trees in background

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