Intro, description of gallery transcript

Hi I'm Matthew Mattingly, I'm an artist working in the Amherst Massachusetts area, and we’re at the Burnett Gallery, which is part of the Jones library in Amherst, at my show. It's called Works from Imagination and Life, because is has both of those things in it.  I want to start with a little description of the space that we’re in -  by the way I'm here with my friends Josh and Kelsey,  who are helping me -  helping record this and provide some dialogue and so on as we go. So, we’re in the Burnett Gallery, which is a nice little space, with windows on either side. It’s got a little alcove place at one corner which we'll be talking about. It’s got one long wall and one short wall. And what else - I'm sharing the space with a photographer, Fernando Molina. So his stuff is on one side, and my stuff is on the other. We’re going to be talking about my stuff. 
[Kelsey]:  Something I really like about this space is when you walk  in, it’s a smaller room but the ceilings are really high. It's like an A-frame, like the letter A, so you get some of that echoey feeling here, but it makes the room feel a lot bigger. 
[Josh] Yeah I you know when I walk in here I pictured this as being a very, very open space, just because of the ceilings. 
[Matthew] Yeah, and it has some spotlighting up in the ceiling which I haven't adjusted yet but that will help with the lighting on the painting; but in general things look good here, I’m really happy with how the  show has come out so far. 
So,  probably what we’d do, is come in the main door and take a left -
[Josh] yeah.

[Matthew] And we're gonna take it section by section, with little pieces of the wall, that have groupings of paintings on them. So, we’ll call this Section One.

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