Sunday, March 26, 2017

Another snow painting

We had a significant snowstorm March 14. My work was closed so I got to go out and paint in it. I'm wearing my new snowshoes. So far, I haven't ventured far from home to paint in a snowstorm - to drive would be foolhardy, and I'm still a beginner on the snowshoes. But in near whiteout conditions, one place looks pretty much like another, so it's all good.

I noticed that the falling snow picked up the colors of the surrounding scene, giving a slight color cast to the flakes in different parts of the scene. I tried to convey that with paint, varying the warmth and coolness of the colors. I'm using a very limited palette of venetian red, phthalo blue, and white. As I painted I sang "Snowy, snowy day, paint your palette blue and gray..."


  1. I love the way You paint. And the way You are observing the winter and its marvelous nature ♥

  2. Last year, we went on a winter vacation with my Mom in Canada where the weather is super sharp cold! I live in the East Coast where we don't get that much snow so this is a novelty for me. I'm glad we got the snowshoes to help us trek and be safe on the slopes. I love it! See for yourself at: