Hor:ratio Viewfinder

I've been musing for some time about to convert Hor:ratio, my handy pocket proportional protractor, into a viewfinder, so I could look at a scene through a frame of a specific aspect ratio of my choice. This version is based on a square opening, to be subtracted from instead of added to, with simplified  scales. It uses an old CD cover as a holder, with the frame and the slider both held in place by the tabs that held the CD insert. It has the added advantage that you can draw on the CD cover with a Micron pen or water soluble transparency marker to trace or add guidelines.

There is  a scale on each edge, so you can choose one of two or rotate the frame inside the CD cover to get another two.

The viewfinder can be used with the Stare I/O to measure with a constant distance and scale to the drawing surface.

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