About the audio descriptions

The audio descriptions are an experiment in applying accessibility principles to a gallery show. The intent is that a blind or low vision person could visit the show or the opening reception and get as much of the content and structure of the paintings as possible. I was assisted in doing this by  Kelsey Hall, an expert in accessibility and assistive technology, and Josh Pearson, who is an assistive technology expert and audio technologist who is blind. We divided the show into sections and recorded my extemporaneous descriptions and remarks about the pieces in each section. I'm in the process of editing and transcribing them.

Josh Pearson recording Matthew Mattingly's audio descriptions of art works
Josh recording my descriptions
Gail, Laurie, Josh, Kelsey at opening.
We had two blind visitors at the opening, and after some initial technical glitches were able to test out the descriptions. We're very much in a learning phase, with questions about the most effective ways to create and deliver audio descriptions of art works.

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